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Background Check Websites
New year, time to order a new case
Why you should choose Titan
To be a P.I.


Background check websites
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Background Check Websites

It’s 4pm on a Friday afternoon and as you begin thinking about the upcoming weekend plans you have begun mentally checking out early when you are brought back to reality by your ringing cell phone.  It’s a potential client that is looking for a background check.
Doesn’t seem too complicated, right?  Except that the client would like a “nationwide” background check.  The client saw an advertisement for one of those online, and the cost was only $49.  Yeah.  This can be done.

New year, time to order a new case

It's a new year, time to contact Titan to get the information you need. 

Put our team of veteran investigators to work for you.  Our hardworking professionals will stop at nothing to get you the information needed to mitigate your costs.

Call today to order and speak with a professional investigator!


Why you should choose Titan

Titan Security Solutions was founded in order to provide clients with the best customer service in the industry.  The senior management team has worked for several other firms and over the years have seen clients charged for services never provided, given hastily and poorly written reports along with "Big Foot" video to be played in court. (Good luck proving that is the claimant in court.)

One way Titan sets itself apart from the rest is by hiring only professional investigators.  Other companies will claim an ongoing training program and even market this as a selling point to customers.

To be a P.I.

If you watch television and movies about our line of work, then you must think I live like a rock star.  Red Ferrari in the driveway, walking around in my Detroit Tigers hat, beautiful women constantly throwing themselves at me.......That's the life, right?

Well, not quite.  With the exception of occasionally wearing a Tiger hat, I can tell you that I don't have a Ferrari or live the life of luxury.  But I certainly love what I do and wouldn't change jobs with most people.
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